Stories from South Central Library System

"I found a home and an ally in the library..."

It’s 1977 and I’ve just moved with my family to Rice Lake and started the sixth grade at Rice Lake Middle School. Not an easy transition at 11 and starting middle school as the new kid. I found a home and an ally in the library and Mrs. Bloedow, the school librarian. It was a safe place where I felt comfortable and among my friends - Laura Ingalls Wilder, Nancy Drew, Anne of Green Gables, and more.

After school, I spent a lot of time at the Rice Lake Public Library waiting for my parents to pick me up and I got to know Nancy Zabel. Or, I should say, she got to know me. Once I was old enough, she helped me pick out some authors in the adult fiction section that I grew to love. And, she was always there to help with homework questions.

It’s weird, then, that I never thought of becoming a librarian as my profession. I started college and loved all my English lit classes and that ended up becoming my major. Then, my husband and I moved out to Logan, Utah where he started graduate school and I looked for a job.

After a few months at the newly built Shopko (yay for Wisconsin connections!), I got a job at Merrill Library at Utah State University. It was 1989, I was 23, and the new Night Circulation Supervisor. This meant that I worked the circulation desk and supervised students who were about the same age as me. I’m not sure what my supervisor, Dorothy Pope, saw in me but I am so glad she gave me a chance. I thought my colleagues in the Reference Department had the best jobs and several of them encouraged me to pursue librarianship as a career.

Wow - that’s almost 30 years in the library world. I’ve always been of service in my jobs - waitress/server, bank teller, circulation supervisor, reference librarian, and now CE Consultant. For me, that’s what it’s about being of service to my community and my community is my fellow library colleagues.

"I wanted to help people become whatever they wanted to be or wanted to learn."

I’ve worked in libraries since I was 11. I volunteered in my middle school library; then became a page for the Public Library of Hamilton County and Cincinnati. I chose to attend Bowling Green State University because they offered an undergraduate degree in Library and Educational Media. I received my MLS immediately after college. I knew I wanted to be a librarian and that was my only goal and priority. I wanted to help people become whatever they wanted to be or wanted to learn. I also got a teaching degree but felt that the classroom was too limiting in reaching all types of people with all types of stories, needs and desires. I loved working in the public library because in one day I could talk with grandfathers, teens and toddlers. I’m not sure what came first; the librarian or the desire to be helpful and knowledgeable. All I know is that even in the grocery store I am the person people turn to for advice on spice selection and on the street I am the person they stop when they need directions. And I am glad they do.

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