Libraries Transform: Dane County Pilot Project Mission Statement

Guided by the principle that today’s libraries are both about about what they have and what they do for and with people, the Dane County Libraries Transform Pilot Project will develop a proactive campaign to increase public awareness of the value, impact, and services provided by libraries and library professionals.

Calling upon the resources and information available from the American Library Association’s Libraries Transform Campaign, our goal is to inspire and foster a new enthusiasm among libraries to capture and share stories about how libraries transform lives, and the quality of life in the communities they serve.

We are implementing this as a Dane County pilot project in an effort to help Dane County libraries create a consistent, energetic brand for libraries and an increased awareness of the many roles libraries play in their communities. After implementation in Dane County, and analysis of what worked and what didn’t, we will make the resources available to all SCLS member libraries in the System’s seven-county area.

Borrowing from the ALA’s Libraries Transform website, our broad objectives are:

  • Awareness: Increase awareness of and support for the transforming library.

  • Perception: Shift perception of library from “obsolete” or “nice to have” to essential.

  • Engagement: Energize library professionals and build external advocates to influence local, state and national decision-makers.

text graphic that reads "Because of You Libraries Transform"